When ‘Money Heist’ swept onto Netflix, it became a sensation—captivating audiences with its thrilling plot and a diverse set of characters that left an indelible mark. Now, enter ‘Berlin,’ a spin-off from the ‘Money Heist’ universe, zooming into the life of Berlin, a pivotal character from the original series. This time, we’re exploring his life before the Royal Mint of Spain heist and before his terminal illness revelation. Berlin was a standout character—a bit unpredictable, somewhat psychopathic—but undeniably captivating. Although ‘Berlin’ might not hit the same high notes as the original series, it’s a compelling watch, drawing viewers into its character-driven narrative. While it mirrors the ‘Money Heist’ formula, it spins a tale at a more leisurely pace, delving into love stories amidst the heist backdrop.

The story unfurls with Berlin dealing with the departure of his third wife, gathering his crew, and setting the stage for a meticulously planned heist brewing for several months. Keila, an electronics expert; Roi, a lock specialist; Bruce, a versatile all-rounder; and Damian, a brilliant college professor, constitute the core of his team. Soon, Cameron, a woman with a haunting past and a penchant for risk-taking, joins in. Their journey kicks off with a house raid, masquerading as police officers, snatching a precious chalice. As they convene at a Parisian hotel, a grander scheme hatched by Berlin and Damian unveils—an audacious plan to steal 44 million euros worth of jewels across European cities in a single night.

While ‘Berlin’ sheds light on Berlin’s backstory, the heist takes center stage, featuring a crew navigating a meticulously crafted plan amid numerous hurdles. It follows the familiar heist narrative, but what sets it apart is its deep dive into the characters’ romantic entanglements. Berlin finds himself entwined in a risky love affair with the wife of the man guarding the jewels, despite the looming risks. This element echoes Berlin’s carefree and daring attitude from his healthier days. Additionally, the series devotes considerable time to exploring relationships between team members—Keila and Bruce, Cameron and Roi, and Damian’s crumbling 24-year marriage.


Pedro Alonso, reprising his role as Berlin, once again dazzles. His confident, charismatic portrayal, now more vivacious and unrestrained, asserts his authority within the team. Tristán Ulloa, essaying the role of Berlin’s close friend and the professor, delivers a controlled and convincing performance. Michelle Jenner as Keila and Begoña Vargas as Cameron leave a lasting impact with their portrayals.

To savor ‘Berlin,’ it’s best not to draw too many parallels with ‘Money Heist.’ Beyond the heist excitement, ‘Berlin’ offers a rich blend of drama and romance. It doesn’t redefine the heist genre but enthralls with its well-crafted characters and breathtaking locations. Above all, Pedro Alonso’s charm steals the spotlight yet again.

In summary, ‘Berlin’ offers a thrilling dive into Berlin’s pre-heist life, interweaving a web of love stories amidst high-stakes heists. With captivating characters, gripping drama, and Pedro Alonso’s magnetic presence, it’s a must-watch for fans of the ‘Money Heist’ universe. So, buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and intrigue with ‘Berlin’!


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