When ‘Money Heist’ swept onto Netflix, it became a sensation—captivating audiences with its thrilling plot and a diverse set of characters that left an indelible mark. Now, enter ‘Berlin,’ a spin-off from the ‘Money Heist’ universe, zooming into the life of Berlin, a pivotal character from the original series. This time, we’re exploring his life … Read more

Family Switch Movie Review 2023

Family Switch

Family Switch Movie Review A Dad Joke film, Family Switch movie is charmingly cheesy without being pretentious, and it begs us to join in on the fun. The protagonist of this body-switching film gives everyone their money’s worth. After stating, “This is a totally original and distinctive circumstance which has absolutely never taken place before,” … Read more

The 2023 Film Review of Project Dorothy

Project Dorothy

Film Review of Project Dorothy Project Dorothy, George Henry Horton’s take on a “technological thriller,” is an unusual example of a film in the genre that relies on complete equilibrium. With the constraints imposed by independent filmmaking, Horton (who also co-wrote the screenplay with Ryan Scaringe) creates a clever picture despite his constraints. The film … Read more

Review of The Film Maestro with Story Narration


Review of the film Maestro The Film Maestro is the biography of a groundbreaking artist is told by Maestro Bradley Cooper in the most conventional manner imaginable: following the formulaic plot points and clichés of a typical biopic. Cooper made a technically stunning but emotionally taxing picture as the renowned conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein, … Read more

Analysis of May December Movie 2023

May December Movie 2023

Analysis of May December Movie The Analysis of May December Movie begins with simultaneous chaos in two locales. Natalie Portman’s gorgeous character arrives at a chic boutique hotel while muttering into her Bluetooth headset. Another woman (Julianne Moore) is currently in the closing stages of preparing a get-together at her seaside property. She walks up … Read more

Review and Summary of The Killer Film 2023

The Killer

Review of The Killer Film David Fincher film about a professional killer, The Killer Film is a meticulous procedural about the desperate measures a hitman must take as his well planned life begins to fall apart. Fincher plays on his image as a precise—almost obsessive—filmmaker through depicting the narrative character as a lethal perfectionist who … Read more