Review of the 2023 Film YOU, ME, & HER


Review of the 2023 Film YOU ME & HER

Romantic comedy Film YOU, ME, & HER are meant to be completely unbelievable. Countless storylines have floated by us as viewers, ensuring that no matter the outcome, the finale would please everyone, ever since the genre was born. Where a male meets a girl, but in the end, she doesn’t fall for him—like in a romantic comedy? Every storyteller knows that the delivery is the most important part and will do whatever it takes to satisfy their audience. It is often known that codes should not be tampered with, and this is no exception.

Film YOU, ME, & HER

On the other hand, this usually implies that the picture will contain that obvious dishonesty, which is understood by most but noticed by a select few. Because the whole point of watching romantic comedies is to relax and enjoy themselves, and because the characters are meant to be likeable, this is also written into the code. You, Me & Her completely bombs at that. By attempting to establish fascinating characters via a list of requirements and not by fleshing out them via a more realistic viewpoint. It’s not that we should warm to them right away; rather, they are shown to be complete and total system failures in this installment.

A stage of their relationship is shown in the film by Mags and Ash. For married individuals who are dishonest and unable to connect physically, it’s almost a catastrophe. Even if they don’t cheat, Ash keeps secrets from Mags, who is a wonderful mother who really deserves to enjoy herself. But they’ve already booked a romantic vacation to Mexico, and as soon as they finish packing, they’ll be out on an adventure that will likely test their relationship.


Ash is eager to get marijuana and conceals it from Mags once they arrive at their location. They both panic out when they encounter one another the day they arrive and are invited over for a quartet. This may serve as the film’s prologue, however, since Mags is intrigued enough. At the same time, Ash is portrayed as a terrible spouse who is scared to go on a quest with Mags, all because he wants to get some pot. All of that changes the moment they meet Angela.

The daring young lady opens their eyes to the prospect of something else. Evidently, she has feelings for Mags, and Mags reciprocates. The notion strikes Mags after only one kiss, reigniting the passion between them. But Angela vanishes without a trace, and the couple returns home, Mags devastated that their relationship has fizzled out. Would you want to take a guess as to what happens next?

The film’s writer and actor, Selina Ringel, seems to draw on personal experiences in You, Me & Her. The narrative isn’t very engaging and quickly becomes predictable due to the film’s genre designation. Everyone comes out on top in the end, as filmmaker Dan Levy Dagerman skillfully uses a hurried third act to tie up loose ends, get everyone to confess, and bring the story full circle. By simply shaking your head while embracing the film’s ending on such a basic note, you may see the danger, thrill, and exhilaration that Mags feels after witnessing something new.


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