Review of the 2023 Film Film ETERNAL CODE



ETERNAL CODE directed by Harvey Wallen has been a newcomer to the film industry who chose to pursue his dream. Over the past two years, he’s brought creative storylines to life, often taking on the lead role, with the help of a dedicated cast and crew that share his vision. Wallen has spent the vast majority of his career making indie horror films, where he has dabbled in a number of subgenres and collaborated with a number of B-movie superstars who provide whatever else is required. This is an independent director making independent films, and we are familiar enough with the genre to know what is expected of them, what they can get away with, and why they exist.

Wallen’s newest book is a foray into thriller territory. In Eternal Code, turing doesn’t take any unneeded risks by incorporating science fiction tropes or adding new genres. Instead, he takes the prudent route and shoots in very brief sequences, but he gets the job done. one intricate enough to be used in the making of an independent film.


When two top executives of the same organisation can’t agree on what to do next, corruption and greed ensue. On the one side, there’s the CEO-type tycoon who’ll do whatever to line his own pockets, even abandoning all kind of morality. On the other hand, there is a businesswoman who is deeply committed to ethical principles and is following in her father’s professional footsteps. She’s the stumbling block that prevents the agreement from going through.

In order to realise his goals, the “bad guys” will use all means necessary. He resorts to kidnapping, murder, and the use of questionable technology in order to further his own dominance. The plot hinges around a military hero who stands in the way of a man on a mission to eliminate everybody who opposes with them. At around the halfway point, it becomes the typical abduction movie.


Too much hope is offered in the first part of Eternal Code. The atmosphere and individuals introduced by Wallen are bland, yet they fill you with warmth and have a curious allure. Almost like a whole other movie. When combined with the story of a strong CEO whom wants to obtain rid of a colleague who has spotless ethics, even the satisfying soundtrack infuses each scene will a false sense of optimism.


Strangely, the tone of the picture never changes, offering a unique take on the conventional thriller vibe. There aren’t any pointless gunfights in Eternal Code. The deliberate pace of Wallen’s film speaks well for the typical discipline with which he approaches his production budget and the quality of his final output. The picture succeeds on the independent college campus, where genre norms are observed but not enforced.

Wallen clearly enjoys his role as writer and director. Richard Tyson, Billy Wirth, and Scout Taylor-Compton all make appearances in his latest work, however they serve as supporting characters to the overarching concept. The filmmaker knows his limitations and doesn’t overuse their likenesses to boost the film’s quality. Wallen is aware of both the right and wrong moves to make.

He tried his hand at a suspenseful piece, but his inexperience shows. A movie maker ought to never lose modesty, yet in today’s independent scene, Wallen is among the few who dare to see their ideas through to completion without worrying about being judged.


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