WhatsApp Status Saver App for Android Phones


WhatsApp Status Saver App

WhatsApp Status Saver App is a method you can get your friends’ status updates. You have reached the correct location to know more about the app. Our Status Downloader software now allows you to acquire your friends’ status videos and images. With the tap of a button, you can save your friends’ WA Status updates from this app. Getting your friends’ status updates will no longer be a group effort. Simply acquire our WA Status Extractor program and store all of your friends’ video and image status updates in our status saving app.

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Save your friends’ video and image status updates from WA with the Free Current Downloader program, which doubles as a Status Video Downloader as well and Story Saver. Do you wish to Download Status after seeing a popular Video Status created by your friends? You needn’t ask them in their final days Just Utilize free WA Status Downloader program so that you are going to capable of Export WA Status and make your friend’s Status were your the status on your WA messaging app.

Features of the app

A Video Player, complete with pausing, stopping, and playing capabilities, is included in our Status Saver software. You may set a buddy’s status video or image as your own without downloading it to see it later using the Status Saver, or you can download it for viewing it later using the Status Saver. With this status video downloader, you can quickly save WA messenger’s video status.


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How To use WhatsApp Status Saver App

  • Open WhatsApp to view your friends’ status updates; then launch the status saver app.
  • Use the app to see any and all pictures you choose.
  • Keep it, send it along, or repost it.
  • In order to save your current state, you must perform this procedure when initially launching the app
  • Approve your storage authority Then select “Allow permission” to provide the storage access
  • The app will now display the statuses.
  • Easily record WA status With this simple, quick, and adaptable app
  • The goal may be saved with a single touch.
  • Simple erasure, distribution, and reuse

WA Messenger also lets you download status pictures to use as your profile picture. This Story Saver program lets you save many Status updates at once, view them later, and even distribute the video updates across multiple social media sites. Check out the latest status updates in the Status Tab of this WA Status Downloader software. The Status videos and pictures you’ve saved up to this point may be seen in the Saved tab.

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With our Status Saver app, you can easily keep, contribute, and republish any WhatsApp status with just a few taps. This program is not only free, but also easy to use, quick to respond, and quite versatile. You can store your WA video and image statuses, then access them offline and upload them to additional social media sites whenever you choose.


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