A Review of The Film IT’S BASIC in 2023


Review of  IT’S BASIC Film

IT’S BASIC film is the emotionally draining documentary, this is what a parent states as he describes his condition to the viewers. Plain and simple. The film is a continuation of Marc Levin’s long-term research on a particular topic. The United States’ economic problem is a fact that is unusual to see in other developed countries.

You have to delve below the surface, beyond the headlines and media coverage, and beyond the plain vanilla filtering underlying the American Dream to see the reality of poverty in the world’s most powerful country.

Levin’s video is not just an effective tool for learning about the true nature of the United States and its dubious handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. What if you handed money to individuals, didn’t ask inquiries, yet there were no ties attached? That’s the premise reflected in It’s Basic, which many people didn’t like for since they did not have faith in all the performers.

Its basic

The film doesn’t only concentrate on the premise of the Guaranteed Income program, which was created as a result of a naive approach to the actual situation. Instead, Levin places a camera in the home to capture the tales of people who matter most.

The film profiles both people who have benefited from the program along with those who have struggled to figure out how to put the funds to good use. This isn’t a film in which Levin would examine the casualties of the system as a whole, therefore he doesn’t. It’s not meant to be a statement on society. This is only a collection of people’s accounts of being abandoned by society and forced to fend for themselves.


Levin is also careful to invite a large number of notable guests. He successfully creates a film on the universal theme of survival, which applies to people of all backgrounds and colors. Extreme poverty has evolved to a primitive level, which is unfortunate.

There is no conflict or friction based on race. Seeing into the future and seeing a Basic Income Program is essential is the only way out. There will always be others who disagree, and it is essential to address their concerns throughout the implementation process.


If you’re encouraged by the stories of people who made it off a $500 check, then the email has been sent. The film by Levin lacks any sense of spirituality or hope. This presents more of a glimpse into the everyday lives of those we don’t see very frequently, but who must be included in any discussion about advancement.

The main problem with the movie is that it doesn’t answer all of the program’s queries. When used in a regulated setting, it excels. But America’s reality also includes its filthy bottom of addiction to drugs and crime, which is part of the environment where upstanding citizens attempt to make ends meet.

We also need to keep an eye on those participants to determine their role. It’s Basic is an essential guide that highlights the program’s strong points. However, you should always go further into a problem like this in order to find a solution. There are those in poverty who would exploit the good intentions of initiatives like this; what can be done about them? It’s a question without an answer, unfortunately.


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