10 Tips for Improved Sleep


1. Establish a consistent bedtime and wake time.

How to Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule - Eight Sleep

2. Avoid large meals and caffeine before bedtime.

Eating before bed delays fat burning

3. Exercise regularly during the day.

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4. Limit alcohol and nicotine consumption.

Tobacco and alcohol combine to elevate cancer risk | CTCA

5. Avoid exposure to bright light before bedtime.

Light & Sleep: Effects on Sleep Quality | Sleep Foundation


6. Create a comfortable and relaxing sleep environment.

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7. Avoid taking naps during the day.

Teenagers and Sleep: How Much Sleep Is Enough? | Johns Hopkins Medicine

8. Avoid stimulating activities before bedtime.

How to Sleep Less: 18 Tips to Get to Sleep Faster and Feel Rested

9. Reduce stress by writing down your worries and leaving them in a notebook before bed.

Journaling Before Bed Can Help You Sleep

10. If you have trouble sleeping, get up and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy.

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